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Starting A New Lure Project

First use Lure Stage to create a new Lure Project. Then use the Configuration Editor to configure the project.

As a minimum you have to specify database connection information (e.g. TNS name or Oracle connect string) and at least one schema to synchronize. In addition you should also specify which version control system is going to be used.

You are now ready to do your first export. From within Lure Stage select the folder src and execute “Export” from the context menu. This will export the source code from your database and save it to source files within the project.

Add the source code together with the two (or more) Lure property files to your source code repository. Also add the .project file to the version control system. This will make it easier to restore the project from version control again.

Note 1:

During export Lure creates a hidden folder with name .lure within the Lure root folder. This folder is used to store all base files and default connect file settings. It is critical not to add this folder and its contents to the version control repository. If you are accessing the version control system from within Lure Stage (e.g. using Subclipse) then this folder will not be visible and will be automatically hidden from version control. However if you manage version control externally then add the ignore pattern .lure to the version control system.

Note 2:

If the version control system supports it, set the file main.lure-config to require a lock for editing. Typically this will set the file to a read only state. This will ensure that the file is not accidentally modified. This is particularly helpfull when using the Lure Configuration Editor to edit the property files. This editor will respect the file read only status and will disable all fields that would lead to changes in this file.

You are now ready to start development.

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