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Selecting Database Objects to Process

The set of database objects and files that will be included in the Lure processing is determined by the argument(s) passed to the Lure program. (Lure supports multiple arguments.)

Each argument passed to Lure must be either a file or a folder expression. If it is a file expression then this file must be a valid mapped file, i.e. mapped in the Lure configuration file. If the argument is a folder expression then either this folder must be mapped in the Lure configuration file as a folder that will contain source files, or this folder expression must contain such mapped folders in its subtree.

Note: Lure does not work with object names as they exist in the database, only the corresponding filenames.

Example 1:

In the example above the selected folder is MyProject\src\schemas\TEST1_DEV\code. No object source files are mapped directly to this folder in the Lure configuration file. However the folder has several child folders that are mapped to contain source files. In this case Lure will Import all functions, java source, packages, procedures, triggers, types, etc..

In particular:

  • If an argument is a mapped file then all database objects that map to this file will be included in the processing.
  • If an argument passed to Lure is a mapped folder then all objects in the database corresponding to the types that are mapped to this folder will be included in the processing.
  • If the argument is not a mapped folder but contains within its subtree mapped folders then all object types corresponding to all those valid object folders will be included in the processing.

Export vs. Import

Export and Import behave slightly differently with regards to the inclusion of objects for any given set of arguments:

Export Import
With Export the files and folder structures denoted by the arguments don't actually have to exist. Lure will create folders and file as necessary. With Import only files that exist and that are included by the arguments will be processed.
With Export the scope of processed objects is not limited to whether a file exists or not. If the package folder is passed as an argument then Lure will Export all packages regardless of whether a corresponding file exists or not. With Import on the other hand, if the package folder is passed as an argument, then only those packages that correspond to files that exist in the package folder will be Imported. Packages that exist in the database but that do not have corresponding files will not be included in the processing. They will not be dropped or updated in any way.
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