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Patch File Types

Lure supports two different patch file types namely:

  • Delta Patch Files
  • Versioned Patch Files

Delta Patch Files

Lure supports the deployment of a single patch file per source file. This is called a delta patch file and can be used to update all objects contained in this source file.

Lure identifies the presence of a delta patch file by its name and the directory where it is located. The name of a delta patch file follows a strict convention. It has to be the same as the name of the corresponding source file but with ”.lpatch” appended. So for example if the name of a table source file is EMPLOYEE.table.lsql then the corresponding patch file name is EMPLOYEE.table.lsql.lpatch. Lure will not process a patch file unless it follows this naming convention and, in addition, is located in the correct directory as per the lure config file.

Versioned Patch Files

Versioned patch files are similarly matched to source files. However in general there could be more than one versioned patch file per source file. The name of each versioned patch file contains a version number and this relates the patch file to a specific version of the source file.

For example if the name of a table source file is EMPLOYEE.table.lsql then the versioned patch file with name EMPLOYEE.table.lsql.r35.lpatch relates to version 35 of the source file EMPLOYEE.table.lsql. Lure uses this relationship with the version number to determine when to execute the versioned patch file.

The directories for versioned patch files are the same as for delta patch files.

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