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Lure is a tool for exporting and importing Oracle source code (DDL and PL/SQL) between a database and a file system.

Lure enables fine grained version control of database source using file based version control system like CVS and Subversion. (See Lure Work Flow.)

Key Strengths

The key features of Lure are:

  1. Lure features a well defined and fine grained mapping from source code in the database to source files on the file system.
    • Each database object is exported to a file and folder that is uniquely defined by the type and name of the object or parent object.
    • All database code is exported as valid DDL and PL/SQL that can be installed manually using SQLPlus
  2. Lure Import installs database code from the file system in an intelligent way:
    • All dependencies between objects are resolved: Depending objects are installed after dependent objects.
    • Objects are only installed if the source code of the object in the source file is different from the source of the object in the target database.
    • Lure Import is re-runnable.
    • Lure Import verifies all imported objects. If Lure reports a successful import then the database source matches the file source exactly.

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