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Installation on Linux GTK

  1. The Lure distribution for Linux is distributed as a compressed tar file (tar.gz).
  2. Uncompress and extract the tar file to the download directory, e.g. “Downloads”.
  3. From a terminal window navigate to the downloads directory: cd ~/Downloads
  4. From the same terminal window execute: sudo lure/
  5. Enter your password if prompted.
  6. This script does the following:
    1. Moves the Lure distribution to the /usr/lib folder
    2. Creates two symbolic links for the Lure executables lure and lureStage
  7. If you prefer you can move the distribution and create the two symbolic links manually following the commands in the “” script file.
  8. Test the two links by executing the two commands lure and lureStage from a terminal window (not the window where sudo lure/ was executed)
  9. Optionally you can create shortcuts for LureStage on your desktop. Consult you window manager help documentation on how to achieve this.

Post Installation Tasks

  1. Start Lure Stage from a terminal command line or from a desktop shortcut. You will be prompted to specify a workspace folder. This is the default folder where Lure projects will be created.
  2. Install additional Eclipse based plug-ins.
    1. Consider installing plug-ins to integrate with version control systems. For example Subclipse is an Eclipse based plug-in for Subversion. (Lure Stage is based on Eclipse 3.7.)
    2. In order for the installation of plug-ins to succeed you will need to run LureStage as root: sudo lureStage

Uninstalling Lure on Linux GTK

  1. From a terminal window execute: sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/lure
  2. Enter your password if prompted.
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