Do you manually create SQL*Plus deployment scripts for all database changes?

  • Lure extracts all database source code to the file system in a fully automated way.
  • Lure's automated export of source code to the file system facilitates smooth integration with file system based version control systems.

Do you have to manually work out which database scripts have to be deployed and in what order?

  • Lure deploys all extracted database source code to a target database in a fully automated way.
  • During deployment Lure first establishes what objects already exist in the database and only installs remaining changes.
  • During deployment Lure resolves all dependencies determining automatically the order in which statements need to be installed .

Are your database source code changes regularly committed to your version control system?

  • Lure's ease of use simplies developers' task to keep the version control system up to date.
  • All source code stored in the version control system is used during deployment thereby forcing developers to keep the source code repository up to date.

Do you store the latest versions of your table source code in the version control system or do you store only patch files representing changes (ALTER TABLE statements)?

  • Lure exports the latest CREATE TABLE statements for all tables and also automatically creates matching patch files that will be used to migrate tables between versions.
  • During deploy Lure automatically determines which patch files still need to be executed. Lure subsequently verifies that the table in the database matches the CREATE statement in the source file.

Do you perform regular (nightly) builds of your database source code in your version control system?

  • Lure was designed to achieve the goal of fully automated deployment. Regular or nightly builds are finally achievable with Lure.

Do you have high confidence that your next deployment to the production database will run smoothly?

  • Lure enables regular testing and verification of all database source code in the source code respository.

Is your deployment process for database changes error prone?

  • Lure automation elliminates human error.
  • All database source code in the version control system can be tested regularly using Lure thereby improving integrity of deployments.

Do your install scripts sometimes fail because of differences in target environments?

  • Lure considers the current state of a database when installing source code.
  • Lure installs or updates database objects only when a difference is encountered.