Lure 3.2.0 - 25 November 2013
  1. Added support for Oracle 12c.
    1. Views with PL/SQL
    2. Tables with Independent Lifecycle Management.
    3. New 12c EDITIONing clauses.
  2. Improved patch generation.
    1. Use MOVE LOB to update LOB columns
    2. Use CREATE TABLE AS SELECT in cases where the change cannot be achieve with ALTER.
    3. Use CREATE TABLE and INSERT to implement table update when CREATE TABLE AS SELECT is not possible.
  3. Lure now uses "/" or the PL/SQL terminator to terminate all statements in extracted source code.
  4. External tables are now exported as a separate type.
  5. Table and view COMMENTs can now be exported and imported.
Lure 3.1.0 - 12 September 1013
The following features were added:
  1. Added support for Oracle 10g.
  2. Improved handling of STORAGE parameters.
  3. Fixed file permission issues with table data files.
Lure 3.0.3 - 15 August 2013
The following issues were addressed:
  1. Enhanced integration with Subversion and Perforce to facilitate improved error logging.
    1. Previously errors yielded by version control systems were not clearly reported and made configuration of the version control command line tools difficult.
  2. SVN username and password properties that are set in the Lure connect file are now used for all SVN operations. (Some operations did not make use of these properties.)
Lure 3.0.2 - 15 July 2013
The following issues were fixed:
  1. Fixed and issue with the installation of the Lure command line tool on 64-bit Windows platform. 
  2. Fixed a few syntax highlighting issues for the Lure SQL editor in Lure Stage. 
Lure 3.0.1 - 1 July 2013
The following issues were fixed:
  1. End of line differences between Windows and Linux were fixed: All extracted source  files now uses Linux style end of line characters. This prevents source conflicts arising from developers working on different platforms.
  2. Issue fixed with materialized view logs where Lure added additional space characters to the NEXT PURGE time literal value.
  3. Issue fixed that occurred during Lure export in the case where grants on a materialized view remained in the database even after the materialized view was deleted. These spurious grants are ignored during export.
  4. The maximum heap memory for the Java virtual machine for Lure Stage and the Lure command line tool was changed to 1024MB on Linux and MacosX.
Lure 3.0.0 - 21 June 2013
The following features were added:
  1. Lure Stage - an Eclipse RCP based integrated development environment.
  2. Patch files are now created with an extension "lpatch-pending" and have to be approved within Lure Stage (or the extension changed to "lpatch") before the patch files can be used for import. This improves developer experience by enforcing awareness of generated patch files that need to be reviewed before use.
  3. By default import operations are now disabled for an environment. A new connnect file property needs to be set to enable imports for the environment relating to the connect file. This feature prevents users from accidentally importing changes to controlled environments.
  4. Performance improvements
    1. Extracted DDL for most object types are now cached locally and only extracted again if the object is updated in the database.
    2. The data export/import operations were re-developed from scratch for improved performance and reduced memory footprint.
  5. Folders and file extensions have been normalized:
    1. All source files extensions now end with "lsql".
    2. Source folders can now be configured to contain the name of the object. For example the default configuration maps the table source file and all source files for indexes, constraints and materialized view logs relating to this table to a folder that matches the name of the table.