Lure is not a version control tool. Instead it provides all the critical functionality (for Oracle® databases) that makes it possible to use standard file based version control tools like Subversion and Perforce. To this end Lure Export offers seamless extraction of all database source code (DDL and PL/SQL) to a set of source files on the local file system. This makes it readily possible to keep an up to date copy of your entire database application in a version control system.

However, maintaining your application source code up to date in a version control system is addressing just part of the problem. The bigger challenge is to deploy database changes to other environments by making use of only the source code in the version control system and to do this deployment in a fully automated way.

  • It is vital that all code in the version control system be used during deployment otherwise there is no check that the source code in the version control system is correct or up to date, i.e. the loop has to be closed.
  • Automation is crucial since any manual step in this deployment process increases the chances of errors and failures.

And this is where Lure excels. Lure Import compares the source code on the file system (as checked out from the version control system) with the source code in the target database environment. Lure then installs only differences to the target environment. It does so in a fully automated way and reports clearly if any differences remain between the source in the files and the source in the database.