Lure was designed to work together with existing tools and to be as non-intrusive as possible with respect to your existing development environment and processes. Lure is non-intrusive in the following ways:

  • Lure does not require you to use any specific tool to do database development. Developers can continue to use their favourite tools to develop and test their database code. Once you have comleted a set of changes use Lure to extract the changes to the source files on the file system.
  • Lure does not require you to use any specific version control tool. Lure offers advanced integration with both Subversion and Perforce but can also be used together with any other file system based version control system.
  • Lure exports all database application code as valid DDL or PL/SQL that can be executed using tools like SQL*Plus. No proprietry XML or other meta information is stored within files. In the event that you decide to stop using Lure you will be left with a set of valid source files that can still be used independent of Lure.
  • You can use Lure in a shared database environment or each developer can have his/her own database environment. In a shared environment Lure performs conflict detection which will minimize the risk that developers will overwrite each other's changes.
  • Lure does not require you to perform any special configuration or installation on the database server. Install Lure on your desktop (Windows or Unix) and you are ready to start using it.