Lure Stage is a visual development environment for Lure. Whereas the main Lure commands are primarily command line based, Lure Stage offers a more visually integrated way to execute the commands and to view the outcome.

Lure Stage is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) (version 3.7) and hence inherits a number of productivity enhancements that simplifies and improves management of database source code with Lure.



It offers the following main features:

  • A Lure specific project template that creates default Lure configuration files and source folders.
  • A Configuration Editor to simplify editing of the Lure connect and configuration files.
  • A Lure Project Explorer View with a context menu from where Lure commands can be executed.
  • Icon decorations in the source tree view to visualize important synchronization information.
  • A custom Lure console view that provides hyperlinks to source files.
  • A three way comparison editor to manage and resolve conflicts.
  • Installation of third-party plug-ins is supported, for example Subclipse (an Eclipse based plug-in for Subversion) can be installed.