We have finally released Lure Version 2.0.0. Several enhancements were added in this release but the most important new feature is the Lure Configuration Editor which is a GUI based editor for Lure property files. This will substantially simplify and speed up configuration of Lure based database projects.

The Lure Configuration Editor was built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform and as a result we ended up moving the entire Lure application to the Eclipse RCP. As a consequence the entire structure and layout of the distribution had to change. Thus, even though the basic code extraction and deployment behaviour did not change significantly in this release, we thought it appropriate to increase the major version number.

The complete list of new features and enhancements are:

  1. Lure Configuration Editor - an Eclipse RCP based UI editor for Lure property files.
  2. Support for Windows, Linux GTK and Mac OS X (and separate distributions for each platform)
  3. Support for multiple Lure connect files within the same root folder. (This simplifies property file management.)
  4. Support for using any Oracle® database user with special privileges instead requiring the use of the SYSTEM user.
  5. Options to override include/exclude filters during export. During import filters are not applied any more.