Lure 3.2.0 was recently released. The main focus of this release was to add support for Oracle@ 12c but a few other noticable changes and enhancements were added as well.

Oracle COMMENTs for TABLEs, VIEWs, MATERIALIZED VIEWs, INDEXTYPEs and OPERATORs are now synchronized by Lure. COMMENTs are exported in the same files as the parent object. Exporting of COMMENTs are enabled by default but can be disabled with a corresponding setting in the Lure configuration file.

The most substantial change is a change in the statement terminator that is used in all exported source code and also in patch files. Lure now only uses and expects the PL/SQL terminator, which is a single forward slash, "/", on a line that otherwise only contains spaces. This change improves consistency, reduces complexity and increases compatibility with SQL*Plus.

Lure now creates patch statements in versioned patch files that covers almost all possible table changes. In cases where a table cannot be migrated with the ALTER TABLE statement Lure generates a set of statements to rename the old table and then create a new table with the correct structure. In the latter case Lure either uses the CREATE TABLE AS SELECT syntax, or if that is not possible Lure populates the new table with an INSERT statement.

External tables are now exported as a separate type. This means external tables can now be dropped to update and does not require patch files anymore.

Lastly is the Oracle@ 12c compatibility changes. This includes amongst other things support for the new ILM syntax (independent lifecycle management), VIEWs with PL/SQL blocks and a few other enhancements to the Oracle DDL syntax.


We have a number of newsworthy items to report:

Minor updates to Lure V3

We have recently released two minor updates to Lure V3 which fix a number of issues. For more details please check out the Lure V3 Release Notes.


New look website

We are very pleased with the new look of our website that was introduced about two weeks ago. We find the new design easier to navigate and generally more pleasant to use.

We trust you will too!


Demos have been updated

We have completed updating all demos with the changes that were introduced in Lure Version 3. We are planning some more demos in the near future.


Wiki updated

The Wiki has been updated to reflect the latest changes that were introduced in Lure Version 3.


Lure version 3 is now available for download. The most important new feature added in this release is Lure Stage, an Eclipse RCP based integrated development environment for Lure. All Lure features are now equally supported on all supported platforms, i.e. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux GTK.
A key feature in Lure Stage is the Lure Project Explorer, a tree view with icon decorations that provide information about file synchronization status. The tree view uses visual queues to guide a user's attention to the source files that need attention. This improves developer experience substantially.
Another key feature available in Lure Stage is the three-way comparison editor, useful of course when resolving conflicts and merging changes.
Windows Explorer integration has been removed in this release and is now replaced with the Lure Project Explorer in Lure Stage.
For a complete list of changes consult the Lure V3 Release Notes.

Development of the third major release of Lure is nearing completion.

This latest version features Lure Stage, a fully integrated development environment based on the Eclipse RCP platform. Lure Stage features custom tree icon decorations that give informative feedback about the current difference between the database and the local source files, and Eclipse based comparison tools enable visually guided three-way source code merging which is typically needed when conflicts arise.

Some enhancements have been made to the core Lure engine as well:

  • Local caching of database source code for substantial performance improvement.
  • More flexible source folder configuration which allows table source files and their corresponding index and constraint files to be stored in the same folder.

Lure Version 3 will be available under the same license agreement as version 2, i.e. free for non-commercial use or a single license per user, regardless of the number of computers on which Lure is installed.

We just published a demo for the Lure Configuration Editor which illustrates basic use and configuration of a very simple Lure project. This demo illustrates how quick and simple it now is to get going with a new Lure project.

The new demo is located at Lure Configuration Editor Demo.