• When Export/Import operations are accessed from the context menu, the export/import will only operate on the selected files and folders

    In this case the folder "code" is selected. All objects that are mapped to the subtree below the "code" folder will be exported.

  • Lure exported all objects corresponding to folders that are descendants of the "code" folder.

  • In this case two folders are selected corresponding to functions and packages.

  • Lure exported all functions and packages.

  • Here only two functions are selected for export.

  • Lure only exported the two functions FUNCTION_1 and FUNCTION_2.

  • All Lure export/import commands are available from the command line and similarly operate on folder/file arguments entered.

    In this example the folders corresponding to the tables DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE are entered as arguments.

  • Lure exported all tables, indexes and constraints corresponding to the two tables DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE.

    Lure supports both relative and absolute folder arguments. If no arguments are specified Lure assumes the current folder as an argument.